The Word Bible


  • Gathers the most significant insights from more than 26 English translations into one all-inclusive volume, saving hours of time and effort.
  • Instantly illustrates the rich nuances of the original languages.
  • Provides limitless access to a rare, classic, world-class Bible library.
  • Embodies 25 years of research from leading scholars, representing seminaries and universities from around the globe.
  • Equips the ordinary reader with an extraordinary understanding of scripture; an inconparable asset for personal study and meditative reflection.

THE WORD brings simplicity to the study of scripture.  

THE WORD's exclusive INSTA-STUDY ® Format offers the complete King James text along with the most significant insights from 25 classical and contemporary translations.  Unlike parallel Bibles, whose objective is to compare one translation with another, THE WORD saves time by not duplicating most repetitive words and phrases. 

Essentially, THE WORD delivers the most helpful and diverse textual insights in the fastest, most effective way.

You will be convinced.  No single Bible translation—no matter how new or ancient—captures the holistic, almost three-dimensional shades of meaning found in THE WORD: The Bible from 26 Translations.  Each time-tested translation serves as a commentary to the others.

THE WORD renders an unparalleled grasp of scripture that is instant, accurate, and personally fulfilling.


Multiple Translations

THE WORD offers the complete King James Version followed by the most significant insights from other classics, including The Amplified Bible, The American Standard Version, The Living Bible, The Revised Standard Version, The Jerusalem Bible, The New English Bible, The J.B. Phillips Translation, and more!


A Great Idea Whose Time Has Come

Imagine owning a world class Bible library—or even Bible software—with more than 40 classic, time-tested Bible translations.  

Next, imagine all the time you would spend taking each Bible off the shelf, reading a particular verse from each one...or even the time it would take clicking links, reading, and re-reading a verse from each translation on your order to capture the rich heritage and compelling contribution each version might make to your personal understanding.

It’s a great idea, but who has the time?

Now, imagine having all those Bibles at your fingertips, already researched for their most significant contributions, verse by verse, line by line, by an international team of Bible scholars.  On each page, they have displayed the most significant insights for each verse, and made them available instantly—at a single glance—in one easy-to-use-book.   

The result?  A real time and money saver—plus the compelling insights from one of the most enduring and classic Bible libraries ever assembled!

It's all in one place.  All on one page.  Without all the work.  And at a fraction of the cost.