“No greater approach to understanding the Word of God could ever be found...a result of the greatest scholarship in the history of the world...”

-W. Criswell, TX

“One of the most thrilling things I have seen… should be the cornerstone of any Christian library…brings extraordinary understanding to the ordinary reader.”

-H. Hobbs, OK

“A tremendous help, valuable aid, and a great timesaver.”

-A. Rogers, TN

“Essentially, it delivers the most helpful and diverse insights in the fastest and most effective way.”

-B. Hickman, MS

“A stroke of genius…so much information in a hurry…”

-G. Kennedy, CA

“Quick, simple, and effective…it offers only the significant differences without all the redundancies.”

-C. Lampe, AZ

“There are two times when I especially treasure THE WORD: 1) When I’m perplexed about the meaning of a particular Scripture, invariably, one or more translations allows me to better understand what I’m reading; and 2) when I love a particular Scripture and want to appreciate and savor the many ways it has been translated into the English Language.”

-M. Rogers, CA

“A ‘must have’ for every student of the Bible.”

-J. Murray, PA

“Great for personal meditation! If a person could have only one Bible—why not the best of 26 Bibles in one?”

-J. Toney, GA

“Truly a Bible of Bibles!”

-B. Dugger, MS

“An enormous time-saver…shows the many nuances and shades of meaning suggested by the earliest texts…”

-J. Tiller, TN

“A real treasure for personal growth…and a powerful teaching tool.”

-D. Johnson, TN

“Insightful and valuable. I’m buying more for gifts.”

-J. Colson, TN

The following unsolicited testimony is excerpted from the website www.Praying-the-Scriptures.com

© 2012 Jeanie Rose. All rights reserved.
Used with the permission of Praying-the-Scriptures.com and Jeanie Rose.


“The first experience I had with this Bible occurred during a time of group prayer.  One group member began to pray out of her copy of 26 Translations.  It moved me deeply.  Soon after, she blessed me with my own copies and I have kept them close at hand ever since. 

Do you ever have those times when you just feel stuck for meaning or understanding over a verse?  Often 26 Translations will break you out of your stuck-ness in record time. 

The scholars who assembled 26 Translations did so to help open up the richness of scripture to us.  In the introduction, the general editor, Curtis Vaughan, states that he and his associates hold a long standing belief that one translation opens and illustrates another translation.  That certainly is my experience. 

Much like the Amplified Bible, THE WORD opens up the rich texture of scripture.  The verse lights up and speaks to your heart, almost like a friend who is intimately communicating, delivering to you precious information. 

THE WORD is my favorite to use for meditation when I’m short of study time, when I don’t have time to dig out nuggets to chew on.  But, I often find some nugget in 26 Translations that sends me into a time of study. 

My love affair with Scripture began with praying Psalms.  The emotional expressions are so clear:  the ups, the downs, the frustrations, the victories, the ecstatic worship!  I kept thinking, ‘I know this writer!’  ‘I know this person!’

I, at least, knew all the emotions.  And, those emotions are expressed with such clarity!  I could not find better words than the word of Psalms to communicate my own heart cries.

Try this easy entry into praying the Psalms.  Get a copy of THE WORD: The Bible from 26 Translations.  When I was first introduced to this wonderful book, I began praying the Psalms without even realizing what I was doing. 

Take a verse from Psalms that is speaking to your heart.  Read it over and over from 5 or 6 different translations.  It energizes your spirit!  It comes close to being an addiction.  You will at least want to know more about how to pray scripture. 

Your purchase represents a financial investment, but it only needs to be paid once.  

My first two volumes of this work, (The New Testament and Books of Poetry), bear the marks of over two decades of use, including the teeth marks of one of our former cats that like to chew on Bibles. 

The cat is long gone, but 26 Translations is still serving valiantly.”


-Jeanie Rose www.Praying-the-Scriptures.com